The Girl Who Gagged
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I am Juliet Willow and from a pretty young age, I've known I'm a whore. I was born deaf and most people think I'm dumb, but that's far from the truth. I just act like I’m stupid so that guys will take advantage of me. I met Duke Skywalker one day at a bar and since I can't really communicate verbally, I grabbed his dick and smiled. I did know that I wanted his cock, but what I didn't know was that I'd be getting group fucked a short time after.

After we left the bar, he took me back to the Facial Abuse studio where 2 other guys with decided to have their way with me. After I stripped my clothes off and fucked a vibrator, I dropped to my knees and they shoved their cocks in my face. I couldn't understand what they were saying so I assumed they both wanted a blowjob. I'm not sure whether or not I pissed them off, but they started shoving their dicks deep down my throat. I let them continue to do so while my gag reflex was put to the test. I think they were yelling and making jokes, but I couldn't hear a thing. I was face fucked while drool and puke flew out of my mouth, but I loved the feeling of being used!

After they tossed me over the couch and fucked my throat, they decided that I needed to get my cunt fucked. First I jumped on Big Red and rode him like a pony. After a while, Red Room decided to jump in... He stood above my ass and began to pound away at my asshole. I'd never been double penetrated and I had multiple orgasms. After a while, Big Red and Red Room dumped cum all over my face, while Duke joined in to add a third cum load which left me with the world's stickiest facial.

After that day, I can't seem to lose the title "The Deaf Girl Who Gagged". At least it was all captured on film and I can watch it anytime I want at Facial Abuse. So far, I haven't met another man who could pummel my holes quite the same.
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