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My name is Julea London and I got destroyed on Facial Abuse! When I met Duke Skywalker and The Big Red Machine, I was about 19 years old and thought that I had seen it all in the world of porn. I'd been a big fan of sex, and nothing turned me on more than watching some good ol' American porn! What I had never seen however, was Facial Abuse, and I had no idea what to expect.

When I met up with Duke Skywalker and Big Red at a no-tell-motel, I told them that I was ready for anything, and I actually challenged them to give it to me as hard as they could. Boy was I in for the experience of a lifetime! After I gave Duke Skywalker a little striptease, I got right to it. I teased the guys by spreading my pink teen pussy, and urging them to give me some hard cock. I didn;t have to urge too long, as I had 2 fat dicks in my mough before I knew it.

After giving some sloppy head, my head was thrown back over the bed, and my mouth was opened up wide. After a deep breath, my throat was filled with cocks and I was face fucked until my own spit and goo dripped down in my face. I was gagging on cocks, and then I was flipped right side up. After move furious face fucking, a giant dick was slipped into my tight virgin asshole. After my ass was loosened up with a fat dick and I began to get pounded, Duke Skywalker slid underneath me and shoved his dick into my pussy. I was double penetrated fore the first time, and it hirt so good!

When the double penetration ended, I was tossed back and my face was covered in a pool of cum! After that day, not only was I labeled a whore by my friends, but I was also given the nickname "The Girl Who Gags".
XoXo Julea London

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